Monday, December 14, 2009

How do I get it all home?

I have spoken to no one but strangers today except for the 30 seconds I spent inviting a friend to join me in Taipei if he felt like it.

It's weird not talking, and honestly I feel like I could burst at any moment.

Most of my friends went to Wulai today. I wanted to go, but I had neither the desire to get up after being out until dawn nor the desire to possibly stay overnight somewhere other than my home. That and I still didn't have most of the Christmas presents that will most likely be expected of me come Christmas Day.

The first person I talked to today was the barista at Starbucks and my whole day's worth of conversations have continued as such. I think I'm actually having people withdrawal. Even days I've spent by myself I've at least called and talked on the phone to someone I actually know.

On the bright side, I spoke a lot of Chinese today and I feel like I'm getting a lot more confident.

One thing Meghan pointed out when she visited was that every time I went to speak Chinese I would get quieter. I think that's improving.

I still love the shocked look on people's faces when the wai guo ren — foreigner — starts speaking Chinese.

But after talking to tons of shop owners and food vendors and exchanging tons of cash, I have Christmas presents. I just need to make a quick trip to Yingge this weekend for gifts for my nieces and I'll be all set.

Next challenge: How do I get it all home?

I've actually decided I'm going to pack a gigantic suitcase. It'll make getting presents home a little easier and getting my ski clothes back to Seattle a breeze considering I'll have essentially emptied my suitcase post-Christmas.

Should I wrap my presents before I leave or wait until I get home? I'm afraid if I wait then the girls will see them all. Not to mention I bought some really Taiwan-fabulous wrapping paper. I couldn't pass up that opportunity.

美國, 七天! (America in Seven Days!)

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  1. I finally got caught up with your blogs.

    I am glad you are stopping by Seattle on your way home. It looks like you have a tight schedule in Seattle (西雅圖). If possible, my family would like to get together with you and take you out to lunch. (請你吃飯.) Your sister’s family is also invited. We are all curious about your adventures in my old home town, 中壢 (Zhongli, Jhongli or Chungli. This romanization thing can drive you crazy.) and Taoyuan.

    My email is Let me know if you can make it or you have other suggestions. We hope to see you here in Seattle.

    By the way, the weather is warming up from the unusual deep freeze of the last few days. By the time you get here next week, it will be in the 40’s. 老天保佑不下雨 and fingers crossed.