Thursday, July 1, 2010

How does a person accumulate this much junk in just a year?

I hate packing.

I managed to get almost all of the clothes I want to keep in one bag along with two pairs of shoes, my documents and a Texas snuggie.
Unfortunately, my robe and my second favorite blanket of all time didn't make the cut. I'm currently debating the idea of a second, smaller, bag of luggage in which I can cram my blanket, my robe and all the other stuff I have. I just have all this extra miscellaneous stuff:

  • Tons of extra toiletries like razors, a ton of contact solution and three bars of deodorant (it's hard to get good deodorant here...)
  • My alarm clock (I know I can buy a new one but this one could seriously wake the dead)
  • All the first aid stuff I bought after having a scooter accident at which time I decided I should probably keep bandages and stuff like that around... (I might just make a first aid kit to take traveling with me and then give everything else to someone who needs it.)
  • Souvenirs from Taiwan such as maps, ticket stubs from places I've been and stuff like that. Also, postcards I've received while I've been here. I intend to make a scrapbook of Taiwan someday. Then again, I intended to make a scrapbook of Italy nearly eight years ago...
  • A couple more pairs of shoes that I seriously cannot just throw out.
I know there is a better way to minimize. The problem is that I brought way to much stuff with me to Taiwan the first time. Then I went home at Christmas and brought more stuff back. Not to mention all the stuff I bought while I was here.

Katie and I have bagged up something like seven bags of clothes and we have books galore all of which we're donating.

Suggestions for how I can make this work? Oh, I know. I should just get Tim Gunn to come by.


  1. That seriously is the loudest alarm clock I've heard in my entire life. I say pack a smaller bag, but I am awful at getting rid of stuff :)

  2. Just take another bag. It's cheaper than replacing all that stuff. :)