Monday, June 22, 2009

Why is that group of foreigners soaking wet?

My classes Saturday went really well. I didn't budget my time quite perfectly, but there were certainly no disasters.

My yellow book class was actually really fun and all the kids were really responsive. This is apparently unusual. I've heard many people say they dread yellow book classes, especially subbing them, because the kids can be really difficult.

It's not so much that they're obstinate. The kid are all just at that age.

Honestly, I had more trouble with the WOW class I subbed. These kids are all in late junior high or high school and they were SO not getting into it. I had no idea what to do.

My saving grace was this one girl, Ginger. Her English was GREAT and she was willing to answer questions and help me out with the Chinese. Luckily, the co-teacher for that class was also really cool. We ended up having a lot of fun even though it initially seemed like it was going to be the most boring hour and a half of my life.

Saturday evening Megan and I went to this great little coffee shop and I had milk tea for the first time. I really like milk tea. We just sat there at chatted about a little bit of everything. Classes, the people in the dorm — I'm still getting to know everyone — learning Chinese, etc.

After we got back I left almost immediately when some other people who live in the dorm to go bowling.

Bowling is the thing to do here. I'm going to see if I can eventually get some people to start playing pool with me. I'm hoping I can locate a dart board as well. But, for now, bowling will have to do. My game could use some work anyway.

I ended up staying up pretty late that night. We didn't get home from the bowling alley until 3 a.m. (it stays open 24/7, so glad Main Event wasn't like that). A few of the others apparently never went to sleep.

This is the problem with "dorm" life.

I never lived in a dorm in college so it's something to get used to. I did my share of running around and staying up all night, but it's different when you live with 15 other people.

Because I stayed up half the night, I slept most of the day, but that's OK. It was Sunday, I'm allowed to do that.

I ate McDonalds on Sunday. I know, I know, everyone is so disappointed. I just really wanted a cheeseburger. Something to note, the Taiwanese really like eggs. They put eggs on everything. This includes a fried egg on a cheeseburger. McD's doesn't do that though so I felt safe going there.

I have since decided that I may never go to McDonalds again. It wasn't terrible, but I felt so sick afterward because I've been eating nothing but rice, noodles, vegetables and very little grease.

Maybe I'll have some french fries now and then.

When I got home from McD's the living room was soaked. Yes, I said soaked.

Megan planned this big water gun fight to go down in the park at 6 p.m. She went and bought a ton of water guns (becuase they're like $3) and they filled them up and were all sitting in the living room waiting for everyone to get going. Next thing you know, they're all shooting each other in the living.

It was hilarious to walk in to.

When we finally got to the park and started playing, we ended up drawing a huge crowd. People just started standing around us and watching. Some were taking pictures of us.

Crazy foreigners.

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