Thursday, November 26, 2009

Right foot on what color?

I had a really crappy day yesterday. I haven't really pinned it down, but I think I'm just in a funk about not being home for Thanksgiving.

I know I have to grow up and do my own thing on holidays at some point, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday out of all that holidays in the world. I usually spend a good month planning Thanksgiving dinner, so this year has been quite a change.

I think I'm going to go over to the dorm soon to start making pie crusts. I guess I will actually make fillings and bake pies on Friday. Then I suppose we're going to do all the side dishes on Saturday night? I'm not really sure. All I know is the only things going into the oven on Sunday are going to be two turkeys — one at a time.

It sucks having: A) one oven and B) a tiny oven at that.

It also sucks not having all of the kitchen supplies I've spent the past few years collecting for occasions such as this. Like my pastry blender. And a food processor.

Thanksgiving aside, my crappy day continued when the visor on my helmet broke off. The bolts holding it on rusted so it just snapped off. Looks like I will actually go buy a new helmet now. I've been talking about doing it and I just haven't because the way I saw it, I had a perfectly good helmet.

Problem solved.

I was at IKEA when I finally just completely tore the visor off because it was hanging by the bolt in the middle of the helmet. That allowed it to move around any time there was a gust of wind, which there were a lot of yesterday.

I cheered up a little at IKEA. I just like going through everything. I always just take my time there. I also ate some salmon with green beans at their little cafeteria. I haven't had salmon or green beans in a million years.

I bought a new pillow and a bunch of other random stuff while I was at IKEA. I ended up spending the equivalent of $30USD and just barely had enough room to get it all home on my scooter.

Then when I got home, I was locked out of the house.

OK, locked out isn't really the right phrase. Our door handle broke a couple of days ago and we all kept saying we would go talk to the realtor about it so they could get someone to come fix it, but we all kept putting it off.

Until then, we decided we would leave that door open. (It was the outside of our two front doors. Think screen door, only it's glass and wood.)

So here I was standing outside my apartment with $1000NT worth of crap from IKEA and I couldn't get into my apartment. I had to leave for school in an hour and I was freaking out.

It turned into an incredibly stressful situation where we ended up paying for the door to get fixed instead of out landlord because our landlord lives in Canada or something so it would take time to get ahold of them to ask them to pay for it.

I'm used to being in America where when something like that breaks it's not your fault and the property manager gets it fixed immediately no worries.

This is just the most immediate of things we needed fixed, so of course I was super angry that our apartment seems to be falling apart (and because I got locked out, and because I was already mad about Thanksgiving). I ended up yelling at a Taiwanese man, our realtor, about all of the things that are broken in our apartment.

Not my classiest moment, but I honestly haven't truly vented or yelled about anything since I've lived here. I suppose everything was bottled up.

On top of all of that, when I got to work my cell phone said it was 6:50 p.m. which is 10 minutes before class starts which is when I'm supposed to get there. Unfortunately, their clocks said 6:54, so I lost my attendance bonus. I just don't know if it was the last day of the November attendance bonus or the first day of the December attendance bonus.

If it was the last day, that sucks. If it was the first day of December, it doesn't matter because of my Christmas vacation.

Here's hoping for the latter.

My night got a little better with the help of some red wine. I ended up going over to the dorm fairly late in the evening and we played Twister. It was actually a lot of fun, but I recall the mat being much larger when I was a child.


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