Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Would you like some cheese with that wine?

Monday and Tuesday were pretty uneventful. Just sleep and food and class and "TV". It's too damn cold for anything else.

I considered going to Tepanyaki last night, but by the time I got back on my side of town I couldn't feel my fingers and decided my body couldn't handle the tease of being all warm inside the restaurant only to return to the cold.

I know, I complain a lot, but it's cold and wet. I can handle cold. I can handle wet. But the two together suck and that's the end of it.

The funny part is, every Taiwanese person I know has told me that this is actually a warm winter so far. But boy did it come out of no where. I swear it was 75 (Fahrenheit) out last week. Monday came along with high 40s and low 50s... And the most rain I've ever seen.

It has literally been non-stop rain since Monday.

I generally rely on the sun to blaze into my bedroom for several hours before I actually get out of bed. That method is obviously not full-proof. Where there is rain, there are clouds, and zero sun. It's wickedly dark here though. I know it gets dreary and gray out when it rains, but it's almost as if the sun isn't even rising behind those clouds.

Can someone who isn't entering monsoon season please confirm for me that the sun didn't just give up on us?

I'm excited about tonight though. I just went to Carrefour to buy a bunch of fruit, two bottles of wine and some cheese. We're having a girls night. Just the ladies, some cheese, some wine, fruit and veggies.

The boys are kind of feeling left out though. Jerry sent a Facebook request to come to our party, to which we answered that without a uterus you're not invited. Now the boys are having an "Everyone's Invited Party-a-thon."

They're just green with envy.

I have to say though, this party was perfectly timed. Carrefour is having a "wine festival," (i.e. good wine for cheap sale!). I can't decide what I'm most excited about though: hanging with the girls, the wine or the cheese. I bought some Gouda and some Manchego and, let me tell you, there aren't nearly enough occasions that warrant splurging on good cheese around here.

It's nice to have something to look forward after my class tonight. Oh did I mention my Wednesday night Guei-Shan kids are starting to warm up to me?

Wednesday might not be so bad for much longer.

Now, off to make my apartment presentable for guests!

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