Saturday, May 1, 2010

What do you use chopsticks for?

So I'm at the end of my super busy week and my first week alone in the apartment.

The timing actually couldn't have been more perfect. I worked 40 hours this week and when you add in travel time I basically did nothing at home but sleep, eat and shower. I didn't really have time for anyone (or anything) else. 

It's weird because all week I've had essentially no contact with foreign teachers except for minutes before, between or after classes. I'm not quite sure when I'll be ready to resume my regular social life, but right now I'm kind of enjoying having some time to myself, which is good because I can't really go out considering I can't stand for more than 10 minutes without being in pain.

Hell, I didn't even have time to clean up the apartment.

This place is a huge mess

I'm planning to start clean today and finish it up tomorrow. 

I'm also planning to spend tonight and tomorrow finishing up my newest reading selection, if you can call it that.

I have to finish reading the open water diving manual because we have our next (and possibly last) classroom section of our dive course Monday afternoon.

Unfortunately, we won't be getting in the water anytime soon due to my injuries. Didn't really consider the fact that the water is full of junk that I don't want wandering its way into my body via my wounds. 

Infection just isn't really my thing.

It's probably for the best because it also gives me time to get rid of these stupid allergies (which also suspend my ability to dive). 

I have to say, I am a little sad that I'm done with my subbing job now. 

Despite my crankiness this week (stupid painkillers were so not helpful) they were super fun. I am impressed at how smart they are considering they're only 4-5 years old. 

I also spent all week playing super lazy games. 

Hello M&M pick up! I think this might be my new favorite game. It's good for all ages and you get to eat candy when it's over.

Here's the gist: Put some M&Ms on a napkin on two different tables and give two different kids a pair of chopsticks. Then tell them to move them from one place to another. The first person finished it the winner and the loser has to ask a question. Both kids get to eat the M&Ms. 

This puts pretty much everyone in a good mood. That and it's really funny to see them go up saying "Oh this is so easy I've been using chopsticks my whole life" and then they are totally slow. 

They don't really think about the fact that the M&Ms are super slick from the colorful candy coating. 

It's even funnier when they challenge me and I totally smoke them (because I've been doing this all week and have figured out the secret at this point).

Lastly, I've also decided to move into Tess' old room.

This is mostly because the people who live next door are loud and really inopportune times of day and I'm a crazy light sleeper. I can't even sleep through it when they open and close their microwave. The child (or who I am assuming is a child) that likes to play video games until the wee hours of the morning on Friday nights doesn't help much either considering I have to wake up so early on Saturdays.

Katie and I had already talked about how it's probably a good plan. This way we both get our own bathrooms and I have a window with a view of the city and mountains (not the laundry and everyone's clothes that are hanging to dry).

Katie comes back next Sunday from her monkey-cation. Hopefully I will a) be healed, b) have moved into my new room, c) have cleaned the apartment. 

Next Sunday marks the 24th anniversary of my birth so I suppose I should be ready to re-enter the social world by then. Until then, I'll continue to try to enjoy the alone time.

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