Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ni xi bu xihuan wode shin fa shin?

So I got my hair cut yesterday.

I've been itching to get it done for awhile but I was terrified to. I've heard horror stories from other foreigners about massive amounts of layering, helmet head and ultimately, "They don't know how to handle white people hair."

I showed the girl a couple of pictures and another stylist translated for me as I told her what I did and didn't like about the cuts. I like the way it turned out.

It was a pretty good Monday though. I really love my very first class of the week. It's huge btu they're so smart and active.

I know, I sound like a broken record.

But they even told me that they really like my haircut (and taught me how to say haircut in Chinese).

Otherwise, I am just counting this week down until I can go to the airport to pick up my Meghan! I'm so excited she's coming.

The only bad thing is Tropical Storm (now Typhoon) Ketsana just blew through The Philippines and flooded 80 percent of Manila. Even areas that never flood flooded. This could make our two days in Manila a little difficult.

We're waiting on news from her cousin to see if Manila is still an option. Otherwise we might just go straight to Bohol. For that matter though, I'm waiting to hear back from the hotel to find out if Bohol was affected by the storm.

If so, vacation Philippines may take a last minute change to turn into vacation Thailand (which would still be awesome) and my roommate Tess will be there. (Though Ketsana is also forecast to bring a ton of rain to Thailand as well...)

So much to worry about! This is what I get for traveling during monsoon season.

It's OK though, I get to see my sweet babies tonight! I'm pretty sure Tuesdays are my favorite days of all because I love both of my classes.

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