Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why did you hit me?

So the stress related to my trip to The Philippines is taken care of. Meghan's cousin said we're still good to go and it's safe to come to Manila. He will be picking us up from the airport on Tuesday!

One week!

Any suggestions for what to do in Manila? I spent a lot of time researching Bohol and beaches and such but I didn't think about Manila.

Back to Taiwan and my current life though.

One of my kids hit me today. It's kind of my fault and kind of his. We play a lot before class and during break. We always Paper Scissor Stone and the winner usually acts like we're hitting each other (though we never actually do).

At the end of class we were all up dancing and singing but he kept putting his jacket over his head. I pulled it off and took it from him and he just kind of smacked me in the top of my chest.

This is the same child who tried to kiss me before class.

I don't think he meant to hit me as hard as he did and he probably meant it to be more playful than it came off, but I still had to put my foot down. Putting my foot down means getting Angela to translate and tell him he can't do that because he's still too young to understand me in English.

I told my kids in my second class that I wouldn't be there next week and they thought they were getting a new teacher. You should have seen their faces. They were devastated.

It's good to know they like me that much.

I cleared it up pretty quickly too.

I had an awesome Tuesday. I love that this week is going so well.

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