Thursday, September 10, 2009

What to do?

I have been extremely out of it the past couple of days.

I've taken to staying up all night (not for lack of trying) and then sleeping all day. Even if I do wake up before noon I just stay in my room until hunger or work forces me out.

I don't know why.

I just have zero motivation right now and that sucks for so many reason, the most important being that I should be exploring this strange country I put myself in.

I think I just feel a little out of place and that makes me anxious.

Up until about two weeks before I moved to Taiwan I had two jobs and I was in my last semester of college. I'm sure you can imagine this kept me busy.

Now, I only have to do something for about four or five hours a day (except Saturdays). This — not moving — has been the difficult transition for me.

I almost feel useless.

I think I just need to grow some nerve and just go and do things. I'm still too shy to try to have a conversation with complete strangers, although I feel like that would be a huge help for me.


I think I might go hiking. I don't have class for another five hours.


  1. Two Things: I come from a cold climate, so when it started heating up here I got all languid and what not. When I figured it out, I made a point of drinking water, eating more veggies and exercising regularly - that really picked my energy up.

    But also when I first got here, sometimes it was easier to hole up than deal with the hassle of getting around when I didn't speak any Chinese. It's not like I thought it was impossible to go out, it was just hard to get motivated.

    I do good with lists. You're (probably) only here a year, and there's a ton to see.

  2. the best thing you can do when you feel like that is just make yourself go outside and do something. anything. the coffee shop was always my go to place for that feeling, but there are lots of places. there's a cute little painted coffee shop across jing guo from you, next to waikiki bar. i've never been in there, but it looks friendly.
    just practice whatever chinese you know. people will try to meet you halfway if they can, or you can just start a relationship with them and you'll get closer the more you learn.

    there's a cool movie theater in taipei right outside a metro stop and there's a big ferris wheel. allen and i went there, he can tell you where it is.
    hang in there! and just try to remember that the more you stay inside, the more it'll just stew and the worse you'll end up feeling. even if you just grab a blanket and read at the park, you'll feel better for being out and about.