Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fifth of July?

Fourth of July in Taiwan was a little crazy.

I did mostly nothing during the day. Then I had two classes last night. They weren't very fun.

Megan let me borrow her scooter and I got myself all the way to Dar-Nan and back without getting lost or anything. I even went to the Taoyuan Night Market after I got off work so I could get some food.

There are these Pakistani guys there that everyone is always talking about. I found them all by myself (they kind of stick out...) and I got this really awesome chicken curry wrap.

It was glorious.

After I got home we went to the wine store and I totally broke my "only tea and juice" rule.

There was wine and then we all went out. The bar we went to had tons of little American flags hanging from the ceiling and there were a bunch of people. Margaritas were only $100NT and I knocked back a few too many. Oh well.

This led to a not so exciting Fifth of July, though it wasn't the worst ever. I basically slept all day and then sat in the living room and watched movies for the whole afternoon.

Ray and I went to Carrefour and I finally made myself buy some food for the house. I haven't been keeping food here because things tend to disappear. Not to mention it's almost always cheaper just to go and get it at a restaurant or street vendor.

That said, sometimes I don't want to change out of my pajamas and leave the comfort of my lovely, air-conditioned room. And it's nearly impossible to find a grilled cheese sandwich anywhere.

I bought raspberry preserves (yay!), some Nutella and some bread, so now I have breakfast type foods. And I bought cheese, so I can make all the cheese sandwiches I want!

Tomorrow, I'm going to make myself wake up at a decent time (10 a.m. maybe?) and I'm going to do laundry. Then I have Chinese and then classes way out at Dar-Chu.

I finally have one of my very own classes tomorrow night! Yay!

Hopefully the kids like me. It's a red book class so we should get to play lots of games. I'm really looking forward to it.

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