Saturday, July 4, 2009

Was I dead?

No, I didn't die. I think that could have been a step up though.

I hate when I'm just sick enough to be miserable, but not sick enough to really want to go to the doctor or to feel like I'm getting any better.

I've had this terrible cold. Normally I would just stick it out, instead I've been doing a lot of sleeping. I haven't really been on the Internet much at all. My poor computer is probably feeling neglected.

Wednesday was Canada Day, though, and given that more than half the people who live in the dorm are Canadian, there was celebrating to be done. This, however, cut into my sleep-and-get-better time.

It was fun though.

After we all got home from class, a bunch of us went up on the roof. It was set with music, ambient lighting (read white Christmas lights) and a million Canadian flags.

There was an attempt to sing the English and French versions of the Canadian anthem. It was pretty hilarious actually. How many drunk people does it take to remember how to speak French and then put it to the tune of Oh, Canada?

The day after Canada Day was terrible for nearly everyone. I stayed out in the humid night air too late, so my cold finally took over my body. Others had some of the worst hangovers of their lives.

The dorm was nice and quiet until late afternoon though. Then there was a lot of hustle and bustle to get to work.

Carly teaches at the school downstairs and doesn't need her scooter on Thursdays and offered to let me borrow it.

I drove for the very first time internationally. Driving a scooter in Taiwan was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life. I was shaking the entire time.

But I got there. I didn't scratch or wreck the scooter. I didn't cause anyone else to get into an accident. I didn't get entirely lost.

Notice the modifier there.

I was scared to death to take a left turn. Let's just say they're complicated in Taiwan when you're on a scooter. It's terrifying. But eventually you have to take a left turn or you just don't get to where you want to go. I took the long way around we'll say. But I pretty much knew exactly where I was the entire time.

During my last class that evening, it starting pouring down rain. We were in a classroom on the first floor of the building and we could hear it pouring. It was ridiculous.

First thought in my head, of course, was, "Great, I finally get to drive a scooter by myself and now I have to drive it home in the rain."

I thought getting TO work was scary. Driving in the rain was terrible. But again, I made it. No bumps, scratches, accidents, etc.

I'm proud. Now I just need to learn my way around.

Unfortunately, driving home in the rain certainly did not help me any. I ate some left-over pizza when I got home and then went to bed. I ended up not going to work on Friday.

I called in to work and then went to 7-11 to buy noodles, ice cream, juice, tea and cough drops. I spent the entire day sleeping and watching movies. It was great.

I really think I just needed a relaxed day where I did absolutely nothing. I still sound like crap and I'm stuffed up, but I have more energy and I'm not as dizzy.

Now it's Independence Day. I sort of wish I had stayed home to have a red, white and blue Fourth of July complete with barbecue and fireworks. It's OK though, I'm sure there will be something going on here. I'm restricting myself to tea, juice and photography though.

Tonight I have two high school kid classes then the whole day off tomorrow. Hopefully I feel infinitely better by tomorrow and can go and do some traveling of sorts. It's a shame to be here and not go running around.

Monday and Tuesday, I finally start my own regular classes. Yay, something to look forward to!


  1. Have a Happy 4th Jimmie. Get well.

  2. so much for that whole 'tea and juice' thing :)

  3. how about the fridge?