Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What do you do when your baboo breaks?

We're zeroing in on Chinese New Year vacation and tomorrow is seriously going to be the busiest day ever.

Today was already pretty busy.

I woke up got dressed and zoomed to Taipei to meet with a potential student (and her mother). I will be teaching a tiny little 5-year-old girl two times a week it looks like.

She is adorable — and crazy smart. She obviously knows Chinese, she's already been learning English for about two years and she's learning French right now too.


I wish I had the opportunity to learn so many languages that early in life.

Note to self: Teach my kids a million languages as early as possible.

Then I went swimsuit shopping.

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but while Meghan was here in October we went to the Beitou Hot Springs.

Well, it turns out sulphurous hot springs don't exactly get along with white swimsuits.

It turned this weird rusty color.

So I bought a new suit because we're hoping to catch some sun while we're in Kenting next week. And besides, I'll need one eventually.

The Roxy store had a super sale going on so I got my swimsuit really cheap.

It was kind of depressing buying a suit here though. I think they try to make girls feel fat here.

The smallest size the had was a size 8. In America, a size 8 is too big even more me and my hips. But no, I needed to get a size 12!

So depressing!

Oh well.

The only other notable thing is that my brake handle broke on my way to class tonight!

I managed to get to get to class and then to the mechanic with use of my other brake handle, but it was a little freaky.

Awesomely enough though, it only cost me $300NT ($9USD!)

Now just to get through tomorrow and then Friday morning and then it's vacation time!

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  1. Try buying pants. In North America I fit just fine in an 'M'. In Taiwan I have to buy 'XXL'. Asians don't have hips or butts. It's hard finding clothes for an hourglass shape in a bamboo stick world ;)