Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why does time seem to slow down when you're excited?

I'm counting down 'til my train leaves for Hualien.

Three hours left to go.

  • I'm all packed. By the way, packing lightly while taking into account that one city is supposed to be rainy and cold and then the other is supposed to be sunny and less cold — if not a little warm — is super difficult.
  • The house is mostly clean. I finally put away all my laundry and I think that things are fairly acceptable to be left the way that they are.
  • I made up a little Chinese New Year Vacation mix composed of upbeat guitar riffs and mostly stuff that I haven't even listened to yet but I know I'll love and will keep me in a great mood.
  • I have decided to take my computer with me. You'll probably get tiny little updates now and then, but it's mostly only coming with me because I will need to be able to charge my iPod.

I'm so excited!

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