Friday, March 12, 2010

What do you do when you feel tired?

Thankfully it's quite a bit warmer out now. No more of that 6º Celsius crap.

At least I hope not. 

I've pretty much lost all track of the difference between night and day so I'm just subject to my body's whims. 

My sleeping patterns are absolutely insane and I come up with this incredible amount of energy about halfway through my first class. Which then leads to yet another sleepless night. 

I know I should just be taking that melatonin but I always forget about it.

This weekend will hopefully be a chill one. I'm planning on a movie tomorrow night and hopefully a trip to Xiao Wulai on Sunday. 

If not the waterfall then maybe just a day trip to Jiou fen. We will see.

Either way, I still have one more horrendously long day left of this week, though I will attempt to make the best of it as usual.

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