Saturday, August 1, 2009

Are you yellow?

I am pretty much settled into the Romantic Paris Mansion. Unfortunately, I think every time I move somewhere new in Taiwan I'm going to have crazy allergy problems.

When I first got here, my allergies went nuts after a couple of weeks and I actually had to call in sick for a day because I couldn't breath and had the worst headache. Well, now that I've moved into the RPM, my allergies are insane. I can't breath. I can actually FEEL the pressure on my sinuses. My eyes are itchy and red.

It sucks. Hopefully, I won't actually get sick this time though. I don't want to lose out on that money since I'm having to spend a lot of money to move into the apartment, buy a scooter and finally get my ARC this week.

So it seems that I am actually taking over that Friday night yellow book class. I haven't received confirmation from the head office on that, but the co-teacher, Carol, said she and the parents really like my teaching style. Hopefully that works out.

I also received schedules for two more regular classes this week.

One is a kindy beginner's class on Tuesdays before my gigantic red book class at Dar-Nan. These kids are literally brand new. I think I'm going to be their very first foreign teacher. How precious is that?

I think the other one is another Wow class. It's on Saturday, of course, which makes my Saturdays the longest days of my life. Today was already insanely long with two Wow classes and my News Camp. Next Saturday starts at 8:45 a.m. with one Wow class, another at 11 a.m., my News Camp at 1:30, and then my last Wow class at 5 p.m.

I'm really bad at mornings too, so good-bye Friday night!

It'll still be rough, but at least in three weeks I won't have the News Camp anymore. Then it's just five and a half hours of Wow classes and a really early morning.

In my last class today my kids were being super goofy. We were talking about what "allowed to" means and I had them writing sentences on the board in groups.

Me: Write a sentence about two things you are not allowed to wear to school and then a sentence about two things you are not allowed to do.
David: We're not allowed to wear swimsuits and bikinis to school.
Halfway through the exercise...
Kevin: I am not allowed to make love.
Me: Hm....
Sean: I am not allowed to read yellow comic books
Anna: I bet you have a whole stack of yellow books under your bed don't you?

In Taiwan "yellow" means horny and just basically alludes to sex and all the things that come with it. These boys are anywhere between 12 and 15 years old, so they're just at that age. We were all rolling over laughing and calling people yellow for the next five minutes or so.

Sometimes these kids are just so funny it makes my job so much fun. I would definitely say it's a worthwhile experience.

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