Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ji dian?

I swear I felt naked, not to mention oblivious, all day. I took off my watch at the waterfall yesterday and it's still in Megan's bag. I kept thinking, "Aw what time is it? I'm going to be late!" Only to find out that I had tons of time.

We went to this place called the Great White Shark tonight. More than half the people at the table were vegetarians so we went all vegetarian for dinner. Taiwan beer, two orders of Kung Pao Tofu, sauteed cabbage and sauteed watercress.

Tofu - not so bad. I think I could actually learn to be a vegetarian in this country and not miss meat so much. Of course I say that a week after I ate bacon five out of seven days.

Today was pretty tame. I had Chinese class and I feel like I learned so much! I learned lots of prepositions, a few more verbs, some much needed shopping vocabulary (i.e. too expensive, make it cheaper) and how to order my favorite coffee at Starbucks.

I actually ordered my latte in Chinese today, but I didn't know how to say vanilla or non-fat milk. The girl there told me how to say it and she also taught me to say "See you next time!"

It's so great to have people willing to teach me things.

I only had one class today and I finally got the paperwork to get my ARC. I have to go do that tomorrow.

I set up our wireless Internet today. It's nice that we can all be on the Internet at the same time now. Before we were having to take turns with the one ethernet cable. Annoying.

Tomorrow I start a beginners class. I will be the very first foreigner these kids have ever had as a teacher. It's so exciting but also a little nerve-wracking. I am entirely responsible for making sure these kids learn English. Eek!

I took all of these random pictures of the small details of my new apartment — the Romantic Paris Mansion. Check it out.

Yes, that's a mini-Louvre in our courtyard.

More lovely romantic statues.

This is one of our two front doors. It's like having a screen door... except it's not a screen.

We have something like 80,000 shelves,bookcases and closets. I love these by the front door because of the lighting inside them.

The bathroom I share with Katie has little giraffe tiles all around the room. Then in the shower there are these cute 101 Dalmation stamps.

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