Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goodbye, Megan.

I just inherited a cell phone, scooter, heater, planner and a Texas coloring book among other items that won't be making the day-and-a-half trip to Texas.

Megan, I want to say thank you.

Not just for the stuff, though, without your help I wouldn't even have made it to Taiwan. I'm positive I would have chickened out half-way through the application process or maybe I would have changed my mind at the last minute by convincing myself it is ridiculous to move to Asia.

Now I say: Why not move to Asia?

You helped me get here, get settled in and get excited about teaching all these kids. I never saw myself as an ESL teacher, especially not in a foreign country, but you were encouraging and nudged me little by little.

Thanks for helping me sort through the details. Thanks for being my little piece of Texas and reminiscing with me about home (Oh, tacos, barbecue and Barton Springs). Thanks for showing me the tea shop, taking me to the Carrefour, telling me what's good to eat around here and showing me a few shortcuts.

Thanks for being patient during my mild freaks outs and my moments of clinginess. I appreciate that you took me under your wing even though there was nothing forcing you to do so.

I can tell you that you were a great teacher. Your kids loved you and, of the ones I met, they're pretty smart. I'm sure at least some of that was your doing.

I can also tell you that people in general loved having you around. You only left this morning and people are already talking about how glum the dorm is going to be without your smiling face (OK, maybe they didn't say glum, but you get the idea).

Anyway, this is my first goodbye in Taiwan — look there's another first you've helped me get through — and somehow, even though I'm highly likely to see you again, I feel like it's probably the most important one I'll have.

I'm sure you've realized this now, but I think you underestimated yourself when you first came to this tiny country. You're a very strong-willed person. When you put your mind to something, you can get it done and make the most out of it while you do.

Good luck at the White House. You'll do great. You'll have tons of fun. And then you'll be on to yet another adventure after that.


  1. thank you jimmie :) how sweet.
    i'm so proud of you for making the jump! and i'm so happy that i finally got comfortable enough that i could be there to show you around and point out the good parts of taiwan.
    i know you'll just keep improving and stretching and everything just like i did.
    everyone will be there to help you and i'm just an email/skype away.
    now you're the only texan in taiwan! good luck. make us proud ;)

  2. i find you story fantastic and was wondering if maby you could help me learn from your experiances there in taiwan. my name is Kai and im 19y.o. my life dream is to teach in taichung. i hope to hear from you.

    best wishes, Kai