Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's your favorite color?

I went to apply for my ARC today and then I raided IKEA afterward.

Taiwan probably has the most efficient government offices I've ever seen. It only took 20 minutes to get through it all and if there were a line, you can just take a number and come back later. Probably took me longer to get to the immigration office than it did to actually file my paperwork. I get to pick up my ARC August 19.

I still find it so bizarre to be an immigrant going to the immigration office to get my immigration and residency settled.
I'm an alien.

My room is starting to look like a real bedroom.

At IKEA I bought a blanket that's green and white. It's one of those fleece blankets so it will be perfect for every season. I'll probably still need a little something else for the winter though.

I've decided to go with mostly green and white stuff in my room since I bought a green and white rug when I first got here. Of course, my '80s fab curtains are going to throw a small wrench in that...

This is my little yoga spot.

I thought I was buying one mirror but it turned out to be four mirrors that are a square foot each. So I put one next to my "closet" as I had intended.

This is what I ended up doing with the rest.

I also bought these
cute picture frames.

I plan on putting them up on the nearly blank wall that is opposite my bed.

As you can see right now the only thing occupying that wall at the moment is my UTexas pennant.

I love that I have already made sure that when people enter my room they know that a little piece of the Lone Star State is here.

My classes tonight were a little crazy. I got lost on the way to class because I forgot to turn on this one street. I got confused. And I was late by one minute. I didn't get yelled at though. I think I'm still new enough.

I had a new class tonight. It's a beginners class so they're
brand new at English. I'm the first foreign teacher they've ever had. (Presumably... I suppose they could have gone to one of those illegal kindies first). It was awkward and but I think now that I've gotten through the first class the rest will go more smoothly.

My second class was great. We blew through everything and talked a lot. My co-teacher brought me come grapefruit green tea and it was really good. They taught me how to say it in Chinese —
pu tao you lu cha — so now I can order it for myself.

Martin came into my red book class and all the kids kept asking me, "Is that your boyfriend?" I laughed and told them no that he has a girlfriend and it's not me.

He came in with this gigantic balloon and my kids went nuts. It was really funny. I told them if we worked quickly we could play with it at the end of class. Unfortunately, the class was too big so we didn't get to.

Tomorrow, subbing a class for Katie and then an early class at Dar Yuan (
way out by the airport). I'm off by 5:30. What will I do with an evening off?

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  1. I'd choose some neutral colour to tone down your curtains!
    Ha ha... Your wine glass on your night stand was as tall as the soft toy on your bed!!